Are you looking for the right path into vocational education and training or would you like to acquire a qualification for study? If so, you are in the right place. On the following pages, you can determine which offers are right for you. All the offers are briefly described on one page each. You can also print this page out. 

Please note that the search here on the page does not replace professional advice. For some offers, the prerequisites must be checked individually and options must be carefully weighed. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the BSO team or tandem of your school with all these questions, if you are still a student of general education school. If you have already left school, visit the location of the Youth Career Agency Berlin in your residential district. You can find more information about the Youth Career Agency Berlin here: www.jba-berlin.de

Sie suchen den für sich passenden Weg in eine Berufsausbildung?
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